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The Bravest Movie Poster, 烈火英雄 2019 Chinese film

The Bravest (2019)

Huang Xiaoming
Du Jiang
Tan Zhuo
Andy Yang
Oho Ou

Movie Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Out of Inferno Movie Poster, 2013 Hong Kong Movies

Out of Inferno (2013)  
Hong Kong

Louis Koo
Lau Ching-Wan
Angelica Lee
Chen Sicheng
Natalie Tong

Movie Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: Cantonese

As the Light Goes Out Movie Poster, 2014 Hong Kong Movie

As the Light Goes Out (2014) 
Hong Kong, China

Nicholas Tse
Shawn Yue
Simon Yam
Hu Jun
William Chan

Movie Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: Cantonese

Tribute to Heroes Movie Poster, 致敬英雄 2020 Chinese film

Tribute to Heroes (2020)

Li Xinghao
Wen Yujuan
Zhang Shan
Zheng Hao
Liu Mu

Movie Genre: Drama, Thriller
Language: Mandarin Chinese

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