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The Big Monster Movie Poster, 大兽, 2024 film, Chinese movie

The Big Monster (2024)

Liu Jianyu
Qian Dongni
Zou Mingyang
Wang Zun
Ma Lun

Movie Genre: Action, Fantasy, Thriller
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Blocking the Horse Movie Poster, 挡马转三关 2024 film, Chinese movie

Blocking the Horse (2024)

Song Tianshuo
Zhang Xintong
Yu Kang
You Xianchao
Liu Xinlei

Movie Genre: Action, History, War
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Detective Dee and the Phantom of Waning Moon Movie Poster, 狄仁杰之通天玄案 2024 Chinese film

Detective Dee and the Phantom of Waning Moon (2024)

Wei Wei
Gao Yang
Yumiko Cheng
Liang Yuan
Dean Wu

Movie Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Dragon Gate Inn Movie Poster, 2024 新龙门客栈之英雄觉醒 Chinese movie

Dragon Gate Inn (2024)

Lan Yan
Li Zifeng

Movie Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Fantasy
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Legend of the Condor Heroes Movie Poster, 射雕英雄传:侠之大者  2024 film, Chinese movie

Legend of the Condor Heroes (2024)

Sean Xiao
Sabrina Zhuang

Movie Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Language: Mandarin Chinese

New Dragon Gate Inn Movie Poster, 2024 新龙门客栈 Chinese movie

New Dragon Gate Inn (2024)

Loura Lou
Leo Liang
Julian Chen
Wei Linfeng
Lyan Zhang

Movie Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Fantasy
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Stranger Crazy Knife Movie Poster, 陌路狂刀, 2024 film, Chinese movie

Stranger Crazy Knife (2024)

Max Zhang
Xia Meng
Geng Le
Jiang Luxia
Liu Fengchao

Movie Genre: Drama, Action, Thriller
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Sword E Flag Movie Poster, 古剑飘渺录, 2024 film, Chinese movie

Sword E Flag (2024)

Yuan Fufu
Xu Qingya
Wang Hehe
Yi Yizi

Movie Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance
Language: Mandarin Chinese

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