2024 Medical TV Series

Forensic Heroes VI Poster, 法證先鋒VI 2024 Hong Kong TV drama series, HK drama

Forensic Heroes VI (2024)
Hong Kong

Bosco Wong
Benjamin Yuen
Jacky Cai
Sisley Choi
Joman Chiang

TV Genre: Drama, Mystery
Language: Cantonese

The Outlaw Doctor Poster, 化外之醫 2024 Taiwan drama, Chinese TV drama series

The Outlaw Doctor (2024)

Lian Bingfa
Janine Chang
Hsia Teng-Hung
Ina Tsai
Jack Chen

TV Genre: Drama, Mystery
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Pandemic Pulse Poster, 打怪任務, 2024 Taiwan Drama, Chinese TV drama series

Pandemic Pulse (2024)

George Hu
Albee Huang
Mandy Wei
James Wen
Danny Liang

TV Genre: Drama, Family, Life
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Your Lies Are Also Pleasant to Listen to Poster, 你的谎言也动听 2024 Chinese TV drama series

Your Lies Are Also Pleasant to Listen to (2024)

Chen Xingxu
Zhang Yuxi
Wilson Wang
Anna Chen
Lin Xinyi

TV Genre: Drama, Romance, Idol
Language: Mandarin Chinese

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