2022 Medical Movies

Combating Against the Ebola Movie Poster, 2022 阻击埃博拉 Chinese movie

Combating Against the Ebola (2022)

Zhu Dan
Kevin Tan
Wei Ziqian
Elena Tong
Li Fei

Movie Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Come On China! Movie Poster, 因爱而伟大 2022 Chinese film

Come On China! (2022)

Tu Songyan
Tong Lei
Kong Lianshun
Jamie Huang
Guo Tao

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance, Family
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Hero Movie Poster, 2022 世间有她 Chinese movie

Hero (2022)

Zhou Xun
Jackson Yee
Sammi Cheng
Stephen Fung
White. K

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance, Family
Language: Mandarin Chinese

The Most Beautiful Retrograde 2 Movie Poster, 最美逆行2之国际救援 2022 Chinese film

The Most Beautiful Retrograde 2 (2022)

Hou Yong
Cheng Yu
Chi Zhiqiang
Cheng Cheng
Chen Qijie

Movie Genre: Drama, Family
Language: Mandarin Chinese

No Spring Won't Come Movie Poster, 2022 没有一个春天不会来临 Chinese movie

No Spring Won't Come (2022)

Zhou Dongyu
Yin Fang
Song Xiaobao
Pan Binlong
Angel Zhao

Movie Genre: Drama, Family
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Ordinary Hero Movie Poster, 平凡英雄 2022 Chinese film

Ordinary Hero (2022)

Li Bingbing
William Feng
Lin Yongjian

Movie Genre: Drama, Thriller
Language: Mandarin Chinese

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