2020 Music Movies

Find Your Voice Movie Poster, 熱血合唱團 2020 Hong Kong film

Find Your Voice (2020)
Hong Kong

Andy Lau
Lowell Lo
E Jingwen
Tse Kwan-Ho
Loletta Lee

Movie Genre: Drama, Music
Language: Cantonese

In My Heart Movie Poster, 這一刻,想見你 2020 Taiwan film

In My Heart (2020)

Charles Tu
Zen Wong
Yuan Teng
Wong Yat-Fei
Daniel Chezi

Movie Genre: Romance, Comedy, Music
Language: Mandarin Chinese

On the Way Movie Poster, 燥梦英雄 2020 Chinese film

On the Way (2020)

Francis Ng
Calvin Du
Ge Yujia
Zhang Keying
Regina Chen

Movie Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Power on Girl Movie Poster, 超能少女 2020 Chinese film

Power on Girl (2020)

Li Muyun
Liu Sixian
Kobe Liu

Movie Genre: Drama, Comedy, Music
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Romance Diary Movie Poster, 浪漫日志 2020 Chinese film

Romance Diary (2020)
Hong Kong

Alan Tam
Charmaine Sheh
Chrissie Chau
Danny Chan
Louis Cheung

Movie Genre: Drama, Music
Language: Cantonese

Yebai and Chuntian Movie Poster, 野百和春天 2020 Chinese film

Yebai and Chuntian (2020)

Peng Biyao
Li Wenhan
Gao Yufeng
Suyin Barong
Fan Bo

Movie Genre: Drama, Music
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Your Love Song Movie Poster, 你的情歌 2020 Taiwan film

Your Love Song (2020)

Alice Ke
Fu Mengbo
Eason Hsieh
Chen Bozheng
Phoebe Huang

Movie Genre: Romance, Comedy
Language: Mandarin Chinese

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