2020 Hong Kong Police Movies

Breakout Brothers Movie Poster, 逃出行動 2020 Hong Kong Film

Breakout Brothers (2020)
Hong Kong

Patrick Tam
Louis Cheung
Adam Pak
Justin Cheung
Jeana Ho

Movie Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: Cantonese

Chasing the Dragon 3 Movie Poster, 追龙番外篇之十亿探长 2020 Chinese film

Chasing the Dragon 3 (2020)
China, Hong Kong

Vincent Wong
Nina Xu
Yun Qianqian
Kent Cheng
Waise Lee

Movie Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Enter the Fat Dragon Movie Poster, 肥龍過江 2020 Hong Kong Film

Enter the Fat Dragon (2020)
Hong Kong

Donnie Yen
Niki Chow
Teresa Mo
Wong Jing
Louis Cheung

Movie Genre: Action, Comedy
Language: Cantonese

The Infernal Walker Movie Poster, 无间行者之生死潜行 2020 Chinese film

The Infernal Walker (2020)

Michael Tse
Pakho Chau
Ray Lui
Bobo Gan
Shiga Lin

Movie Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Shock Wave 2 Movie Poster, 拆彈專家2 2020 Hong Kong film

Shock Wave 2 (2020)
Hong Kong

Andy Lau
Lau Ching-Wan
Ni Ni
Tse Kwan-Ho
Marc Ma

Movie Genre: Drama, Action
Language: Cantonese

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