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23:59: The Haunting Hour Movie Poster, 猛男军中鬼故事2 2018 Singapore film

23:59: The Haunting Hour (2018)

Richie Koh
Mark Lee
Wang Lei
Melody Low
Noah Yap

Movie Genre: Horror, Thriller
Language: Mandarin Chinese

The Big Day Movie Poster, 简单的婚礼 2018 Singapore film

The Big Day (2018)

Desmond Tan
Amber An
Richard Low
Liu Ling-Ling
Geraldine Gan

Movie Genre: Romance, Comedy
Language: Mandarin Chinese

The Wayang Kids Movie Poster, 戏曲总动员 2018 Singapore film

The Wayang Kids (2018)

Eli Shih
Christopher Downs
May Phua
Jocie Kok
Austin Chong

Movie Genre: Drama, Comedy
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei Movie Poster, 旺得福梁细妹 2018 Singapore film

Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei (2018)

Jack Neo
Mark Lee
Henry Thia
Gadrick Chin
Jaspers Lai

Movie Genre: Drama, Comedy
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Zombiepura Movie Poster,  2018 Singapore film

Zombiepura (2018)

Alaric Tay
Benjamin Heng
Rayve Zen
Richard Low

Movie Genre: Horror, Comedy
Language: Mandarin Chinese

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