2016 Chinese Food Movies

Crazy Chef Movie Poster, 2016 Chinese film

Crazy Chef (2016)

Qin Qidong
Guan Sihui
Peng Bo
Lee Kin-Yan
Wen Xiang

Movie Genre: Romance, Comedy
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Let’s Eat! Movie Poster, 2016 Chinese film

Let's Eat! (2016)
Singapore, Malaysia

Chapman To
Aimee Chan
Cheng Sze-Kwan
Patricia Mok
Daphne Low

Movie Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Mandarin Chinese

Rookie Chef Movie Poster, 2016 Taiwan Movie

Rookie Chef (2016)

Kirsten Ren
Wang Bo-Chieh
Lu Yi-Ching
Emerson Tsai
Phoebe Guo

Movie Genre: Drama, Comedy
Language: Mandarin Chinese

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2016 Macau International Movie and TV Festival
2016 China International Film Festival London
2016 Golden Bell Awards